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In the ever-expanding cryptoverse, individuals and companies that deliver on high-quality, meaningful brand extension have proven time and time again to be pioneers and leaders in the space. The sharper the product, the more on-brand the animation, and the higher quality the media, the more likely its associated NFT is to appreciate in value. Fans and collectors alike rush to NFTs that are bespoke, fresh, and innovative in 2022. Investors and collectors desire tokens that breathe new style into old concepts, and even add to long-established stories. But how do “quality” and “meaning” in a piece of media translate to value in secondary markets? Why exactly does “high quality” lead to “high value”?

We’re Humans

The answer may be very closely associated with our tendencies as human beings. In fact, value itself is a very human concept. Dr. Oyserman of the University of Michigan defines “value” as a set of “internalized cognitive structures” that “guide choices” by evoking basic feelings of right and wrong. Whether they take hold through our culture, our nature, or our experiences, value comes from within us, and guides our decision making every day. There is a certain hedonic appraisal that comes with owning and purchasing an NFT– a relationship between the collectible and the collector. As people with desires, hopes and dreams, we create shared identities with collectible items due to their meaning on a metaphysical level. We are capable of imbuing digital collectibles with personal connotation the same way a stamp collector may reminisce about where he discovered a rare 19th century commemorative, or a fan of a sitcom might rave about how he discovered a prop that was featured on-set.

Honoring Experiences

Companies that prioritize the quality of their media are actually prioritizing this human connection. That feeling as you watch the final moments of a series finale– the anticipatory pit in your stomach as the seconds tick away at a home game– the memory of watching an iconic one-liner in a movie theater before it became an iconic one-liner. These are the undeniably human moments that enrich our lives, and studios that can prioritize them will own the future of the cryptoverse. NFTs become truly valuable if they can manage to capture just one ounce of what makes us human, and forge it as a token for a shared community. Orange Comet takes these ideals and goes much further. We seek not only to honor these experiences, but also to build on them, forming extensions and continuations of the things that made you, rather than mere representations of them. Digital collectibles should strive to truly add to a body of work, rather than simply memorializing it. At Orange Comet, we’re fans ourselves, with the expertise, passion and drive to make it happen using cutting edge digital design and utility.

Virtual Gallery

Digital collectibles should strive to truly add to a body of work, rather than simply memorializing it.

How does quality affect value in the cryptoverse? Quality defines an NFT’s ability to do what it does best: build and honor real human experiences– the true power of a digital collectible.

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