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We are a unique team of industry experts with backgrounds ranging from film and television, to AAA gaming and award-winning creative design.

Collectively, we have created and produced some of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, earning us a reputation to be trusted with the most treasured intellectual properties in all of Hollywood.


We merge passion, imagination and technology to forge extraordinary gaming experiences.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Orange Comet maintains a globally diverse workforce, with teams and studios operating in various key markets.

Los Angeles

Our HQ in California, USA


Texas, USA






Dave Broome

Dave Broome

CEO, Co-Founder & Director

Veteran television and film producer for over 25 years. Created and Executive Produced NBC’s global hit, The Biggest Loser, Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster with Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez’s Halftime feature documentary, to name a few. Produced thousands of hours of television and film in partnership with every major network, streamer and Hollywood studio.

Nick Bridger

Head of Studios

Multi BAFTA award-winning producer with over 32 years experience leading videogame development and publishing for some the world’s most beloved studios and creative talent including The Walt Disney Company, MARVEL, 20th Century Fox, AMC, GT Interactive and Eidos. Nick has been responsible for directing and launching over 300 games across cutting edge gaming platforms and live service generating over $2B in revenue including Halo, Gears of War, Quake, Avengers Initiative, Alice in Wonderland, Alien, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Futurama, LEGO, Ice Age, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Winnie the Pooh, Just Cause and the most recent award-winning Zero Sievert.

Philip James

Philip James

Production Director

Philip James is a seasoned Executive Producer and Production Director with over 20 years of experience in the video game industry. He has a proven track record in production, development, publishing, and licensing, working with high-profile IPs like Star Wars, Marvel, and LEGO. Philip has also built and managed large creative teams at Disney and Sony, directing multi-million dollar projects. His extensive skills include strategic planning, budgeting, team leadership, and business development.

Peter Morales

Peter Morales

Technical Advisor

More than 10 years of experience with cutting edge gaming technology development. Former MIT Research Scientist focusing on AI development using Games as a testbed as well as a founding member of MIT’s AI Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Labs, working with studios like Pipeworks Games. He was a development lead within the MR division of Microsoft and formed a gaming technology company backed by TechStars and was acquired in 2022.

Dante Ferrarini

Dante Ferrarini

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

Award-winning digital artist with over 20 years of creative leadership experience focusing on state-of-the-art interactive 3D design, animation, VFX, and rendering technologies. Working with renowned brands, has reached global audiences via streaming, interactive, gaming, and broadcast IPs. Spearheading Orange Comet’s commitment to artistic innovation.

Bjorn Askew

Bjorn Askew

Technical Director

Has developed AAA and III titles that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. He was Grasshopper Games Development Lead, with over 15 years of experience in game development for titles such as Batman Arkham Knight, Shadows of The Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Killer is Dead. Helped with development of Kerbal Space Program and led development on Illuvium.

Zander Brumbaugh

Zander Brumbaugh

Roblox Platform Lead

International lecturer on game design with over ten thousand copies sold of his Roblox programming book, hundreds of millions of play sessions, and toys produced from his games. Creator of My Salon, Power Simulator, Munching Masters, to name a few.



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