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Proven & Experienced

Telling great stories is just the start. And at the heart of our Company are seasoned designers, strategists, producers, creatives, technologists, and marketers.

We are driven by a single focus; making stuff that truly matters.

Orange Comet - Team - Dave Broome
Co-Founder / CEO

Dave Broome

Veteran Hollywood Television and film producer

Dave Broome, Veteran television and film producer for over 25 years. Created and Executive Produced NBC’s global hit, The Biggest Loser, Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster with Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez’s Halftime feature documentary, to name a few. Produced thousands of hours of television and film in partnership with every major network, streamer and Hollywood studio.

Orange Comet Team - Peter Morales

Peter Morales

CTO & Head of Gaming

MIT Research Scientist for AI and Games, founding member and lead of MIT’s AI Technology Group, Microsoft Development Lead within Metaverse Division, TechStars backed gaming founder.

Orange Comet Team - Will Meris

Will Meris

President, Co-Founder & Director

Entrepreneurial business leader with multiple company exits including two IPOs and a sale to JPMorgan Chase. Over a decade of experience as an SEC public reporting CEO. Prior co-owner of two Arena Football franchises.

Orange Comet Team - Bjorn Askew

Bjorn Askew

Development Lead

Prior Grasshopper Games Development Lead, 15 years experience in game development for games that have sold millions of copies such as Batman: Arkham Knight and Kerbal Space Program.

Orange Comet Team - Yong Yam

Yong Yam

COO, Co-Founder

More than 15 years experience producing television series and documentary features. Ran operations for every department of complex multi-million dollar productions. Negotiated television and major movie studio IP licensing agreements. Managed marketing and PR teams from inception through launch.

Orange Comet Team - Zander Brumbaugh

Zander Brumbaugh

Metaverse Platform Lead

International lecturer on game design and author of Coding Roblox Games Made Easy. Designed and coded games with millions of play sessions and toys produced from their games.

Orange Comet Team - Dante Ferrarini

Dante Ferrarini

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

Award winning digital artist with over 20 years of creative leadership experience with state-of-art interactive 3D design, animation, VFX, and rendering technologies.

Orange Comet Team - Erik Nakamura

Erik Nakamura


20+ year Silicon Valley-based finance and operations leader with broad and deep CFO, HR, Legal, IT and facilities experience in blockchain, Web3, and eCommerce.

Orange Comet Team - Ed Loew

Ed Loew

CBO, Co-Founder & Director

25 years of senior level expertise in scaling and leading private and public companies to market in the areas of gamified mobile technology, Web3, blockchain and investments.


Orange Comet Advisors - Jon Kimmich

Jon Kimmich

Lead Product Planner for Microsoft Games Studios during Xbox conception, launch and lifespan. Director of Business Development for Day 1 Studios, releasing several critical and commercial successful games. Over 20 AAA games shipped and delivered.

Orange Comet Advisors - Steve Schnur

Steve Schnur

Worldwide Executive for Electronic Arts (EA), has worked on and influenced such gaming franchises as Madden NFL, The Sims, FIFA and Medal of Honor.

Orange Comet Advisors - Bing Chen

Bing Chen

General Partner of AUM Group, a premier multicultural film fund; was previously the Global Head and principal architect of YouTube’s multi-billion dollar global creator ecosystem. Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and the Hollywood Reporter Most Influential Agent of Change.

Orange Comet Advisors - Justin Woodward

Justin Woodward

Creative Director and founder of Riot Games backed Interabang Entertainment and the Mix Indie Exchange. Founder of non-profit Black Voices in Gaming and lead advisor to the Black Game Development Fund. Seasoned expert in game production and marketing.


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