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Orange Comet is a full-service Web3 gaming production and promotion company with a next-generation content and creative studio specializing in Art, Sports, and Entertainment.

We are next-generation Web3 creators producing world-class eco-friendly digital collectibles and green blockchain experiences through the lens of dynamic storytelling, gamification, creativity, and technology.

The Future of Eco-friendly Collecting

Born out of dynamic design, a commitment to innovation, and proprietary technology; our key investors include Kurt Warner, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Shard Devarajan, Shakim Compere, Ted Chung, The Blizzard Fund, and Randy Perkins with an Advisory Board composed of William Shatner, Peter Kuukko, and Craig Richardson.

Our creative team has produced high quality and disruptive digital collectibles for Anthony Hopkins, Land of the Lost, Lucha Libre, NHL, NFL, Scott Kelly’s Dreams Out of This World, Stan Lee’s Chakaverse, Tony Stewart’s Legacy Series, The Walking Dead Official, The Walking Dead Degnerative Walkers, The Walking Dead Official Daryl Motorcycles, and this is just the beginning. Orange Comet is excited to share our experience into the global digital collectible marketplace with you.


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Orange Comet, Inc.

4100 W Alameda Ave.
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Burbank, CA 91505