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As The Walking Dead prepares to wrap up its grisly tale, a grim reign of terror has begun to seep through the cracks into the metaverse, infecting the very fabric of existence as the hoards of relentless undead warriors march ever-onwards with an unwavering predilection for freshly harvested human brains.

The only hope left for the future of humankind lies in the hands of a robust few with the mettle to withstand the macabre onslaught. Armed with a handful of first-rate Web3 gaming assets, these chosen soldiers must venture into the virtual plane to deal this nightmarish nemesis a decisive blow. As a result, knocking them off their boney perch and ending the insatiable charge with a swift blow to the temporal lobe.

Now, this indulgent virtual gore-fest takes its next stumbling step forward as Orange Comet prepares to unleash the utility-laden ‘Degenerative Walkers’ to add a dash of optimism to those apocalyptic survival hopes.

The March of the Degenerative Walkers

Dragging their feet into July 28 with a deathly wail to chill even the most battle-hardened bones, the fearsome Degenerative Walkers arrive to present an unlikely ally in the battles to come, shuffling forward to provide unique, unrivaled utility for those building their base in the undead realm.

More than just a decomposing face, however, these spectacular Web3 gaming assets hide a morbid secret up their bloodied sleeves. Like every well-performing walker, they spread their awful affliction far and wide. So, those holding onto the unique collectibles will see additional creatures descend over the passage of time.

Each 5,000 available Degenerative Walker Web3 gaming assets will be a 1/1 with no two alike. Owners are encouraged to HODL these special Web3 gaming assets because when they least expect it, another even more degenerated version of their original Web3 gaming assets will be spawned.

These second-generation Web3 gaming assets will take on characteristics from the demonic original and be airdropped into the owner’s bloody wallet. These also will be 1/1 originals.

The second Walker decomposes, and then a third Walker, even more gruesome, will appear, and then a fourth. All four Walkers can be used in The Deadlands, and the owner can keep or sell them individually.

But, if you sell the current generation before the full cycle completes, the next generation goes to the new buyer. The full cycle will end up with four 1/1 unique collectibles off the back of a single bloodied sale. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!


TWD - 4 Stages

How to Participate

Only those known to hold The Walking Dead Walkers Pass on July 27, when a gruesome snapshot will be taken at 13 o’clock high noon Pacific Time, will be deemed worthy enough of owning a Degenerative Walker Web3 gaming asset. Then at the appointed time on Thursday, July 28, those granted access will be able to mint said creature Web3 gaming assets, which will then be deftly delivered to their wallet.

Bag yourself a Walker Access Pass >> Here

So, the televisual adventure may be coming to an epic climax but will leave behind a lasting legacy in the metaverse. A continued story of deeply immersive, interactive gameplay, where those taking part will carve their own spectacular adventures, battling an undead scourge that will remain tied to the blockchain forever.

Find out more >> Here

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