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Back in 2012, the legendary creator of the Marvel Spiderman comic book series, Stan Lee, worked on an under-the-radar project with Graphic India Co-Founder and CEO Sharad Devarajan, to create one of the first superheroes from India called “Chakra the Invincible.” The project, which Devarajan later stated was “one of the greatest joys of his life to be a part of as a life-long Marvel fan,” was inspired by Lee’s fascination with Indian culture and his desire to bring an Eastern concept to the world of western superheroes.

Now, in a first-of-its-kind campaign, Orange Comet, a leading entertainment technology company specializing in producing dynamic Digital Collectibles and blockchain experiences for some of the most valuable and creative IP assets in the world, will be launching Stan’s Lee’s Chakra the Invincible as a limited-edition Digital collectible to celebrate Lee’s upcoming 99th birthday. Orange Comet welcomed the opportunity to take an icon like Stan Lee’s work and reimagine it as a Digital collectible.

Chakraverse - Hero - NFT Collection

Dave Broome, CEO of Orange Comet, believes technology is a gateway to the next cultural revolution. The unique digital art collection based around Chakra the Invincible marks a movement that introduces representation to the new space. Stan Lee’s work inspired Chakra co-creator Sharad Devarajan as a child, and now, they’ve created something together to inspire generations of like-minded kids in India in addition to breaking generational cycles of lack of resources and representation in art seen in the eastern world. The Chakra the Invincible Digital Collectible release also comes through in an effort to make the space more sustainable, as it this unique collection is powered by Polygon, an eco-friendly blockchain.

“Stan Lee’s characters are so much more than masks and tights – they are the modern mythologies of our time, transcending race, religion and culture to speak to us in the primal language of human imagination,” says Devarajan. “I bet more people today will recognize the face of Spider-Man than even that of the Mona Lisa. With Chakra the Invincible, Stan and I wanted to create a new type of hero that the entire world could look up to for inspiration, interweaving themes from east and west to create one of the first Indian superheroes for the world.”

The Chakraverse collection is the reflection of a holistic collaboration between Orange Comet, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Graphic India and GuardianLink. The Digital Collectible will be available for auction beginning December 27 through 29 at

Chakraverse - Background - Character Grid

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