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Reinventing the intense environment of AMC‘s The Walking Dead, Orange Comet is planning another official Digital collection inspired by the show. Releasing on April 14 at noon PT, the upcoming collection introduces 5,000 motorcycles and 50 unique Model-Kit Bikes that pay tribute to Daryl Dixon’s iconic two wheels in the show.

Each of the motorcycles in the Daryl Dixon Bike Series are gaming assets, which will serve as useful transportation to navigate to and within The Walking Dead virtual universe. The Daryl Motorcycle Digital collection will feature 20 different bike designs, spanning 8 different rarities: SUPER-LEGENDARY, LEGENDARY, SUPER-EPIC, EPIC, SUPER-RARE, RARE, UNCOMMON and COMMON. Additional information about the attributes that make up the tiers and rarities to look out for can be found here.

FOR WALKER ACCESS PASS HOLDERS, this drop could bring significant added value. Not only will Passholders have an exclusive 1-hr Whitelist Pre-Access to the drop, matching top-tier Walker Access Pass rarity with Daryl Motorcycle rarity (or its higher variant), will yield a free airdrops(s) that will be valuable in TWD Virtual Universe. In addition, there are 50 unique Model-Kit Bikes set for auction. These bad boys are not built for speed but for exclusivity and will be available only through a 48-hr English Auction on OpenSea. Winners of each auction item will receive a premium Deed of Land with a rarity level matching the bike.

The roadmap for the official Digital collection explains how the motorcycles, the deeds of land and upcoming releases of 3D digital characters will come together in the near future. As more of The Walking Dead Web3 game is unveiled, fans of the show can also expect details like tools– gas canisters, ammunition, arrows and weapons– to be offered as future drops. Once Digital collectibles owners are set up with their various assets, they’ll be able to take on challenges and use the Daryl Motorcycle Digital assets as a means of transportation in the Wb3 game.

To mint a Daryl Motorcycle at an initial price of 0.08ETH, head to the collection’s OpenSea page on April 14 at 12pm PT. Individuals who currently hold a WALKER ACCESS PASS from The Walking Dead‘s previous Digital collection drop will be eligible for a 1-hour Whitelist Pre-Access, which starts at 11AM PT.

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