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After last year’s TWD launch in The Sandbox, the long-running AMC TV series will get its own Digital Collectible spotlight starting this month.

By Andrew Hayward

The popular The Walking Dead franchise is returning to the world of Web3 gaming assets following an earlier collaboration with The Sandbox. This time, the television network AMC will produce collectibles based on the zombie apocalypse series as it continues through its final season.

AMC has enlisted Web3 game startup Orange Comet—which counts singer Gloria Estefan and retired NFL star Kurt Warner as co-founders—to produce Web3 gaming assets based on the entire run of the long-running TV series, which is currently in the midst of its 11th and final season.

The Walking Dead collection will span multiple drops beginning on February 20, alongside the show’s return from a recent hiatus. The drops will include 3D animations inspired by the show and generative artwork based on leading characters from the series.

TWD - Cover - NFT Promo - Soldiers Stencil

Orange Comet will also sell a limited “Walker Access Pass” that gives holders exclusive access to future Web3 gaming assets collections later in 2022. The pass will only be available for 24 hours, and the firm will not release any additional passes for an entire year.

TWD - Featured - Walker Access Pass Collection - NFT Collections by Orange Comet

AMC’s Web3 gaming assets will be minted on Eluvio. This blockchain protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible but is billed as a more efficient, “eco-friendly” alternative to minting Web3 digital assets on Ethereum’s own mainnet.

Eluvio’s technology has also been tapped by Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs’ decision for Masked Singer collectibles and a partnership with WWE. Orange Comet, meanwhile, has also worked with the professional NHL teams, the New York Islanders and Seattle Kraken.

A Web3 Asset is a blockchain-backed receipt that proves ownership of a digital item, including artwork, video clips, profile pictures, and more. The broader Digital Collectibles market ballooned to $23 billion worth of trading volume in 2021, and an array of brands and entertainment franchises have entered the space to get a piece of the burgeoning digital collectibles market.

While this is the first Web3 gaming asset collection based on the AMC TV series, Skybound Entertainment’s more expansive The Walking Dead franchise previously plotted a collaboration with The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based metaverse game, as announced last July.

The Walking Dead has its own space on The Sandbox’s world map, featuring block recreations of familiar TV characters. The franchise shares the persistent online world with thousands of plots of user-owned Web3 gaming land and terrain owned by celebrities and brands such as Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, and Warner Music Group.

TWD - Polaroids

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