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Los Angeles, California — Feb. 26, 2022 — Orange Comet, a premium creative studio and blockchain experience company, announced its latest project, the official Digital Collectible for AMC’s The Walking Dead, will be released on the OpenSea marketplace on March 3, 2022.

Commemorating the last season of the original series, which kicked off one of the biggest TV franchises in history, the drop is centered around The Walker Access Pass will go on sale for just 24 hours on OpenSea starting at 9:00 am PT on March 3 — and won’t be available for sale again for at least an entire year…if ever.

TWD - Featured - Walker Access Pass Collection - NFT Collections by Orange Comet

The limited-edition The Walker Access Pass Digital Collectible are not only visually stunning, intricately crafted pieces that will captivate fans, collectors and the undead, but each also comes with a veritable flesh-eater buffet of fresh perks for diehard fans and collectors alike.

Each Walker Access Pass will feature one of 10 different 3D Walkers set in a variety of backgrounds. The passes will be cloaked at the time of purchase, as each will be randomly minted. For each purchase, the grand reveal of all passes will take place two weeks after the close of the drop on March 18, 2022. The passes will fall into one of five different categories: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare, Rare and Uncommon. Purchasers will not know which pass they have purchased until the date of the reveal.

The pass also offers fans and collectors the chance to establish themselves as early members of the official AMC’s The Walking Dead community. Owners of the Walker Access Pass will receive whitelist access to amazing experiences, unbelievable extensive utility and early entry to future drops of what will become the greatest collection of the official The Walking Dead Digital Collectible for more details on utilities and benefits, click here.

TWD - Gold Winslow

Special OpenSea exclusive auctions

In addition to The Walker Access Pass, Orange Comet is also announcing an auction of four 1-of-1 amazing commemorative golden variant pieces of fan-favorite characters: Rick, Daryl, Maggie and Michonne. These exclusive Digital Collectible will be available to the general public starting at 0.11 Ether. The auction will last 48 hours. Don’t hesitate — they’re expected to go faster than Michonne can lop off an undead head with her katana.

TWD - Gold Survivors

Moving forward, Orange Comet will continue to release The Walking Dead Digital Collectible to coincide with the final season of the beloved show as it comes to an epic crescendo. Although the original series is ending, these digital collectibles will live on… just like the undead. Meanwhile, Orange Comet is busy building, planning and designing an entire The Walking Dead virtual universe for fans and collectors to enjoy for years to come.

The Walking Dead is an iconic series that has captivated and enthralled its fans for over a decade and will continue to do so for years to come,” said Dave Broome, CEO of Orange Comet. “The show’s stunning imagery, incredible array of characters and epic scope provide an inspiring and collaborative canvas for Orange Comet to continue its best-in-class, creative-first approach to the development of Digital Collectibles. We’re honored to offer fans the opportunity to deepen their love for The Walking Dead and its universe through our ongoing collection of innovative, eco-friendly digital collectibles and partnership with AMC.”

“As The Walking Dead flagship series enters into its final stretch this year, we are excited to provide our hordes of passionate fans with a unique, new way to celebrate the series they’ve loved for the past 11 seasons,” said Kim Kelleher, president commercial revenue and partnerships at AMC. “Orange Comet’s distinctive digital collectibles reflect the creativity and innovation the series has embodied since its premiere, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this epic journey and pay tribute to the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead.”

Orange Comet is sharing these commemorative Digital Collectibles exclusively with the OpenSea community for the inaugural drop on March 3 at 9:00 am PT. So, don’t walk, don’t run, but leap into OpenSea for your pound of digital flesh.

Join The Walking Dead Digital Collectibles fam on our Discord server.

TWD - Atlanta

About Orange Comet

Orange Comet is a premium content creation company focused on producing high-quality and disruptive digital collectibles and blockchain-based experiences. The company’s team brings together some of the world’s leading and award-winning media creators, producers and artists to partner with the biggest brands, intellectual property and talent across music, sports, arts and entertainment. The company was co-founded by Hollywood veteran producer Dave Broome, NFL Hall of Fame Kurt Warner and Grammy Award-winning music icons Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

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